Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Thoughts on Virginia Tech Tragedy

we_are_virginia_tech The Final Emotion (Will Stewart):

"As I searched for meaning in what happened, I finally found it. I found it in the incredible poise, control, and togetherness shown by the Virginia Tech family. The true character of a person, group, or institution shows itself under pressure, and what the Virginia Tech community has shown us is grace, cohesion, intelligence, and compassion." is the best site covering Virginia Tech athletics and I've been a frequent visitor since it was first founded with the name Hokie Central. Will Stewart founded this site more than 10 years ago and although Will writes almost exclusively about Virginia Tech, his writing is always top notch. His words flow beautifully -- whether to analyze statistics of a football game or to describe the emotion of players and fans. I always enjoy his columns and this latest piece from him is another example of his excellent writing.