Thursday, February 22, 2007

SkypeOut Frustration - Conclusion

6a71 Three working days after I tried a bank transfer, I finally got SkypeOut credit in my account. A full EUR 10 was deposited in my Skype account. Finally! Applause

So, for Indonesians, here is the bottom line for purchasing credits with Skype:

  • Choose the bank transfer option when purchasing credit at Skype's web site. Skype will give a detailed instruction to send the funds to an account at a HSBC Indonesia branch.
    • If you have an online account with HSBC, go to HSBC's online banking web site and make a fund transfer.
    • For any other banks, go to your respective online banking site to see if an inter-bank transfer is possible.
    • Else, you must physically go to your bank and do a funds transfer.
  • Any other payment method with Skype will fail. This includes credit card, debit card and PayPal.