Saturday, February 17, 2007

University of Bubur Ayam

fb2e I ordered bubur ayam this morning, sold from a motorbike. I flagged the abang, as he rode in front of my house. This is a pretty common way to sell food in my neighborhood, but what was surprising was the abang's attire. He was wearing a University of Virginia cap -- the original one with the correct logo and color.

Usually when you see fake clothing items in Indonesia, you'll see peculiarities that any college sports fan can spot right away. Wrong school color is the most obvious one. Another is the mix up between NCAA and professional league (I once saw a "Harvard Major League Baseball" jacket). But the abang's cap was UVa's orange and navy blue.

I commented that the cap looked good on him. For the record, he said somebody gave him that cap and he didn't know what the logo meant.